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Before contacting a Sac Volvo Club Planning Committee Member:
Please take a moment to look through the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has already been addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I found your website, but I'm far away from Northern California, can you help me find a local chapter?

Glad to help!

Please see the VCOA Chapter locator map:

If that link does not work: --> The Club --> Chapters --> Chapter Locator

And, click the marker of the chapter closest to your location or the location you would like assistance to look at the contact information.

If you are not sure which chapter is closest to where you need assistance, the VCOA chapter locator map is interactive, that is, you can click on it to zoom in and out.

Alternatively, you can open another map website like Google Maps in another tab or window:

And, type in the location you would like to search around to better find a local chapter in the VCOA.

I have a Volvo / Volvo part for sale and/or I have something Volvo-related to give away, will you share it with your members?

If you would like to make something specifically available to the Sac Volvo Club Membership, you are more than welcome to:
  1. Attend a Sac Volvo Club Event.
  2. Post your own for sale and/or wanted ads on the Sac Volvo Club Forum.
    1. For more information, please see our policies here:
The Sac Volvo Club does not accept for sale nor wanted ads via e-mail nor does it post them to the mailing list.

For more ideas, see the Sac Volvo Club Volvo Selling Guide:

More information as previously posted:

RE: Sac Volvo Club Classifieds / Marketplace

Sac Volvo Club Classifieds / Marketplace

The Sac Volvo Club does not post for sale nor wanted ads to our mailing list.

Looking to sell a Volvo car or part?
Wondering what your Volvo car is worth?
Looking for a specific Volvo part?

For resources, links, and suggestions, please refer to the following pages:

Then register (will open in a new tab/window) for our Sac Volvo Club forum to post your own for sale / wanted ads to our Classifieds/Marketplace section (at the bottom of the forum list).

Registration is free, but does require a valid e-mail address so that interested parties can contact you via Personal Message about your ad.

Sac Volvo Club Forum links (will open in new tab/window):

Sac Volvo Club Forum Registration Help Image

Please do not contact Planning Committee Members asking to post your classified ad(s).

Thank you.

I saw your article on High Mileage Badges and I want a badge. Please send me one!

The Sac Volvo Club does not have any High Mileage Badges to give away or sell.
The High Mileage Badge article was written for educational / informational purposes.

If you would like to purchase a High Mileage Badge that has been retired / is no longer in production, you will need to look for a used one at the usual places: Volvo Forums, ebay, etc.

You are also welcome to create a wanted ad on the Sac Volvo Club Forum.

For more information, please see our policies here:

If you would like to purchase a current High Mileage Badge, here are your options (as of 9/2018):

-Volvo Owners Club UK High Mileage Club
Requires registration / proof of mileage
Badges cost 18.00 pounds plus 4.00 pounds shipping

-Dave Barton, former SCVCOA President makes various stickers with mileage numbers on them:
Reproduction High Mileage Badges:
Prancing Moose High Mileage Badges:
Pricing varies according to options selected.

I just moved to the area and need help finding local resources -and/or- Can you recommend a good mechanic?

Welcome to Northern California! Hope to see you at a local event soon!

You can find all the member-used / recommended local resources on our links page:

Including the Local Volvo Dealership, Local Independent Repair Shops, Local Salvage Yards, etc.

Please contact the webmaster if you have any other recommendations or if you find any broken links.

I just bought a new or used Volvo and have a technical question about the Volvo model.

Please take a moment to look through the resources listed on our Technical & Model-Specific Resources Page:

The first part of the page covers resources that apply to multiple car models.

The second part of the page is dedicated to Model-Specific Resources and includes "jump links" so you can easily navigate to the resources that pertain to the model you are looking for.

The Model-Specific Section includes links to the various Volvo Forums that include sections for that model.

Having trouble finding your answer from the links?
Try searching through the Volvo Forum links as listed under the model.
You can also register for any of the Volvo Forums and ask your question there (proper forum etiquette = search before asking a question).
All the Volvo Forums listed have large active knowledgeable communities-- you will likely get multiple responses to your question.
Just be aware that the knowledge base of the members varies from enthusiasts, to "shade tree" mechanics, to professional mechanics.

If you absolutely need the advise of a professional mechanic, you may be better off seeking the advice of someone at the Local Volvo Dealership or at one of the Local Independent Volvo Repair Shops as listed on our Links Page:

Please contact the webmaster if you have any other resource recommendations or if you find any broken links.

I have an event idea!

Please contact the webmaster with your idea and it will be discussed among the Planning Committee.

If you would like to become more involved and are interested in becoming a Planning Committee Member, please let us know!

We are always looking for new talent!

The Sac Volvo Club is a volunteer run organization that relies on the skills, talent, and time of its volunteers!
Let us know what you can contribute.

I would like to participate in a link exchange to optimize my SEO.

The Sac Volvo Club does not participate in link exchanges to optimize SEO.

The Sac Volvo Club created this website as a resource for its members and anyone with a Volvo who happens to find it.

The links featured on the Links page are member used/recommended.
All Volvo links appear with permission as noted in the disclaimer in the website footer.
All image links also appear with permission.

That said, if you have a website that provides information or resources to Volvo Owners,
If you have a company website that serves Volvo Owners with exceptional customer service,
Please contact the webmaster with all the relevant information for consideration by the Planning Committee.

Contact Us

Sac Volvo Club Planning Committee
(The people who make this happen!)

For more information, check out the Meet the Members page.

To contact an Individual Planning Committee member:

Jump to Contact Us Form.

Walter Donnell
President (2014 - )
'58 444 - '74 142 - '78 262 - '87 245 - 780

Jeff Molander
Past President
'66 122S - '68 122S - '97 854 T

Larry Biltz

Pam & Elizabeth Brown
'80 244 DL - '98 S70 GLT - '04 V70 2.5T

Jon Manji
'67 122S

Missy Puckett
'74 144 - '66 122S - '89 244 DL

Ken Rothaus

Marcia & Wally Russell
'62 544 - '90 780 - '
08 V70 Cross Country 

Gary Sellstrom
'74 144E - '90 740 Turbo Wagon - '09 V50 R Design

Al Simons
'75 244 GL - '84 242 DL

Michal Vachuska

Sac Volvo Club Communications Team

Elizabeth Brown
Webmaster / Communications Coordinator / Interim Social Media Manager

Missy Puckett

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Upload them to a photo host such as:

Google Photos Album:

Or, another online public web album service.

And then send the (direct) shared link to the Webmaster.

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