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2008 Past Events

Davis Car Show and Swap Meet 
Hosted by the Golden Gate Chapter of the VCOA
Sunday, May 4, 2008
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2008 Davis Meet (As seen on page 16 in July/August 2008 Rolling, Vol. 26, No. 4)

The Golden Gate Chapter's tenth annual Davis Meet, May 4, was a huge success. On a beautiful spring day, over 200 Volvo enthusiasts brought about 117 cars to the meet, representing virtually every model Volvo has imported in the U.S. They included 444 (1), 1900 (1), 544 (7), 122 (7), 1800 (15), 1800ES (4), 140 (3), 160 (2), 240 (34), 262 (1), 850 (11), 700 (3), 780 (3), 900 (3), C/V/S (13), and a XC90 (1), along with new cars from Turner Volvo of Sacramento.

People's Choice Awards were presented by Scott Smith, Chapter Chair. Best of Show went to Lars Jansson, San Anselmo, for his restored P1900, one of the rarest of all Volvo models. Other awards went to Wally Russell, Pollock Pines, 1962 544; Roger Fritch, Northridge, 1973 1800ES; Gary, 1974 144; Oskar Andersson, Foster City, 1983 240; Chris Wita, 1995 960; Scott Clark, 1996 850 T5; Elaine, S60.

Special recognition and thank you for outstanding service went to Lee Cordner, former Golden Gate Chapter Chair. Lee organized the Golden Gate Chapter a decade ago, and was the sparkplug for scores of events over the years, enjoyed by hundreds of VCOA members. Lee went on to be national president of VCOA, and just recently stepped down from that job. His leadership and great columns in Rolling will be missed. Lee attended the Davis Meet with his wife Amy, to whom everyone in VCOA owes thanks for her support of Lee's automotive ventures.

Thanks also to Davis Meet sponsors and raffle contributers: ipd, RSI, Turner Volvo, Volvo of Fremont, Smythe Volvo, Carlsen Volvo, Pullins Cyclery, Evil Genius Racing, iRoll Motors, and Morrison & Foerster LLP. As always, club members too numerous to mention contributed their time and energy at the meet to make things run smoothly.

All told, Davis 2008 was a great cross-section of the Volvo world: There was a nice group of restored and original older cars, along with some of the newest Volvos, and a massive turnout of 240s-- about a third of the cars at the meet were 240s! Some were in original condition, but most were highly modified performance cars-- not your Uncle Olaf's Volvos. The event was held at Central Park in Davis, a college town about 75 miles northeast of San Francisco.
From 2008 Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

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By Dave Barton, President of the Southern CA Chapter of the VCOA:

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IKEA Meet and Greet
Car Show and Swedish Trivia
Saturday, June 7, 2008
Event Flyer:

First Meeting (As seen on page 29 in July/August 2008 Rolling, Vol. 26, No. 4)

The newly resurrected Sacramento Chapter held its first meeting on Saturday, June 7, at the IKEA shopping center in West Sacramento-- you can't get much more Swedish than that-- after being inactive for some time.

We had 20 cars and 25 people, including a number of non-VCOA attendees, that came to this event. The non-members were drawn to the event by ads in the local papers and flyers we placed on their cars. We drew interest from shoppers at the store as well. IKEA offered a private conference room for us to discuss present and future business during a lunch meeting.

Jeff Molander took over the reigns of the chapter a few months ago and surveyed many members. There was a planning meeting held in May at Turner Volvo (Thanks Casey!). This resulted in many ideas for future events, which are planned between now and the end of the year. Contact Jeff at (click here to e-mail me) if you are interested in joining the chapter. These events will be listed on VCOA's website. We are also investigating options for setting up our own website.

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Towe Auto Museum
Tour and lunch
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Event Flyer:

Towe Auto Museum (As seen on page 28 - 29 in September/October 2008 Rolling, Vol. 26, No. 5)

The Towe Auto Museum was our destination on Saturday, July 20. About 15 members-- including two mother/daughter duos, where both mom and daughter own and drive Volvos-- took a two-hour tour, led by a knowledgeable museum docent.

The Towe has a collection of about 200 cars dating from the early 1900s horseless carriage days to GM's EV-1 electric, ranging from basic Ford Ts to elegant 1930s classics to chromed and finned 50s cars. Many are on loan from private northern California owners. The Towe is located in an aged warehouse building, near historic Old Sacramento, within sight of the junction of I-5 and I-80. Anyone with an interest in automotive history will enjoy a visit.

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Blackhawk Auto Museum with Northern California Saab Club
Tour, drive, and lunch
Saturday, September 13, 2008
Event Flyer:

Blackhawk Museum Tour and Drive (As seen on page 29 in November/December 2008 Rolling, Vol. 26, No. 6)

The Bay Area Saab Cub invited VCOA's Sacramento Chapter to a cooperative tour of the Blackhawk Auto Museum in San Ramon, CA. A former Saab Club president served as a docent to lead Saab and Volvo Club members on a tour of more than 200 rare and exotic vehicles, many of which are privately owned and are rotated in and out of the museum. Visit Blackhawk's website at to see and hear more about these wonderful cars and the museum.

Following the tour, Volvo club members were treated to a 15 mile drive on country roads to a winery in Livermore, CA for lunch. It's clear to the VCOA Sacramento Club president that Saab Club members drive quite a bit faster than Volvo club members do! It was also somewhat embarassing to have Bay Area Saab President Roger point out to VCOA's Sacramento Chapter president that his brake lights were out in his '66 122S, as he was being followed by Roger's eager Saab Sonett II with its V-4 engine!

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Amador County Wine Tour

Scenic drive and family picnic
Saturday, September 27,2008
Event Flyer:

Amador County Wineries Tour (As seen on page 29 in November/December 2008 Rolling, Vol. 26, No. 6)

Sacramento Chapter members spent a Saturday in late September touring wineries in Amador County's Shenandoah Valley. This is an emerging wine region southeast of Sacramento in the Sierra foothills.

Special thanks to Wally and Marcia Russell for organizing the route to Villa Toscana, Shenandoah and Montevina wineries, and the Amador Flower Farm. The day started warm, and temperatures neared 100 by mid-afternoon. It was a nice relaxing visit to the foothills with lots of good converstions about cars, wine, and life.

Save for the Russell's 1999 XC70, the tour was exclusively a vintage Volvo event, with George and Connie Wellner's 1957 444 being the oldest car. Also along was a 544 (the Russell's), two Amazons (Gary and Helen Lodge; and chapter chair Jeff and Melinda Molander), and an 1800E (Michael and Alice Peterson).

Despite the heat, all cars performed well, though some of us lamented the lack of air conditioning in older cars originally designed for cooler conditions in Sweden. Jeff Selling and family arrived by minivan-- his 544 (once his father's car) having been uncooperative back in the Sacramento flatlands.

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Sacramento's Volvo Service and Pick-n-Pull
Technical session, lunch, and salvage yard
Saturday, November 8, 2008
Event Flyer:

Technical Session at SVS and Pick ’n Pull Event (As seen on page 29 in January/February 2009 Rolling, Vol. 27, No. 1)

On November 8th, sixteen central California VCOA members gathered to hear thirty years of wisdom from Robert Marcello, original founder (1980) and owner of SVS, (Sacramento Volvo Service) an independent Volvo repair organization in Sacramento, CA. Robert is a Master Technician as defined by Volvo, and is a current member of, and has won the VISTA (Volvo International Service Technician Association) competition in 1978.

Robert focused on the care and maintenance of pre-1975 Volvo’s with B16, B18 and B20 engines. In particular, he spoke on tuning techniques, adapting these cars to handle today’s motor oils and gasoline as well as the adjustments of SU and Weber carburetors for optimal performance. Additionally, SVS now owns and manages a shop with experienced staff that is devoted to rebuilding vehicle engines to specifications as requested by the vehicle’s owners and SVS’ recommendations. Once built, SVS dyno- tests the engines for optimal performance with whatever additional features (headers, electronic ignitions) that the vehicle owner requests. This new venture allows SVS to provide turn-key repair and rebuilding capability for virtually all aspects of any Volvo on the road.

During the afternoon, VCOA member participants visited a local Pick ‘n Pull dismantler to scavenge parts from predominantly 200 and 700 series vehicle that had previously met their demise.

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Holiday Party
End of the year celebration
Sunday, December 14, 2008

End of the Year Party (As seen on page 29 in January/February 2009 Rolling, Vol. 27, No. 1)

On December 14th, 14 members of the Sacramento Chapter met for a Christmas party held at two households in Sacramento from the early afternoon, into the evening. First, George and Connie Wellner provided dinner for guests at their home. The incredible spread included Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam and other Scandinavian delights. Jeff Molander and Melinda Vaughn followed up with deserts and coffee at their digs, a few miles down the road in the late afternoon. Club members drove predominantly newer front wheel drive Volvo’s in the cold and rainy weather.

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