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2013 Past Events

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Sac Volvo Club 2013 Events 
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 January  --open--
 February  2/16- SacVCOA 2013 Planning Meeting at Turner Volvo                        (w/ Golden Gate VCOA)
 March  3/23- Volvo Independent Service Tech Session & Lunch
 April  4/27- 4th Annual Sacramento (Davis) AutoX & 3rd Annual Rehab Party  (w/ Golden Gate VCOA)
 4/28- 15th Annual Davis Car Show & Swap Meet                                  (w/ Golden Gate VCOA)
 May  5/17 - 5/19- SacVCOA Caravan to RSI BBQ & IPD Garage Sale                    (Portland, Oregon)
 June  6/29- Swedish Day at IKEA, West Sac      
 July  7/13- Mt. Diablo: First Conquer the Devil Drive (Walnut Creek Area)        (w/ Golden Gate VCOA) 
 August  8/3- Carlsen Volvo Car Show, Palo Alto                                 (w/ Golden Gate VCOA) Canceled
 September  9/7- Suzie Burger Diner Lunch                                                                            
 October  10/4 - 10/6- VCOA National Meet                                                                              Vermont
 10/12- Park Street Car Show / CJ's Shop in Alameda                          
(w/ Golden Gate VCOA)  
 November  11/16- Fall Foothill Drive                                                                                          Canceled
 December  12/- End of the Year Holiday Party & Toy Drive (at Ginger's in Roseville, CA)                Canceled
 January  1/- SacVCOA 2014 Planning Meeting                                 

January 2013:


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February 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:
Event:   SacVCOA 2013 Planning Meeting
Where:  Turner Volvo Conference Room
              2535 Arden Way
              Sacramento, CA 95825
              Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    February 16, 2013
Time:    10:00A
Notes:  -Justin Lee, the new GGVCOA President will be
              joining us and discussing the 2013 GGVCOA
              -All are welcome!

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerPlanningMeeting_February13.pdf  (410k)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

Event write-up and photos coming soon...

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March 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:
5th Annual VIS Tech Session 
Where: Tech Session:
             Volvo Independent Service
             3309 Monier Circle 
             Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Lots of Luck Chinese Restaurant
             3084 Sunrise Blvd # 12
             Rancho Cordova, CA
             (916) 858-1525
               Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, March 23, 2013
Time:    Tech Session: 10:00A 
             Lunch: ~1:00P
Notes:  Lunch to follow Q&A 
              Rain or Shine!

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerVISTechSession_March13.pdf   (326k)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

Event write-up and photos coming soon...

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April 2013:

Sacramento Chapter and Golden Gate Chapter:
Event Registration Form at the GGVCOA website-- 
No Pre-Registration this year
Event:   4th Annual (Sacramento) Davis Autocross &
               3rd Annual AutoX Rehab Party
Where:  Autocross: NEW LOCATION for 2013 
              Parking Lot Near:
              649 West Elkhorn Boulevard
              Rio Linda, CA 95673
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
                Google Map Restaurant Search 
(will open in new tab/window)
-Surface is smooth blacktop, however, there are a few light poles (not an issue as they are far apart), and there is also a little elevation change, overall about 3-4'. 
-Course will be set up for best time not for drifting (i.e., any loss of traction will result in a slower time).
Date:    Saturday, April 27, 2013
Time:    6:45A (Gates Open), 
                        Driver sign-ins allowed until 8:20A, 
                        Spectator sign-ins allowed all day.
             8:30A (Tech)
             8:45A (Drivers Meeting/Walk the Track)
             9:15A (Event/Runs Start)
             Will end when runs complete (depends on 
             number of drivers registered).
Cost:  -Pre-registration:
             No pre-registration this year due to costs 
                (Remember this is for charity!)
               -Drivers (18 years old and over):
$30 per person: 
              $20 per person
              (4/26/13 update- 
costs are lower than expected; 
driver price reduction)
            -Spectators/Passengers (18 years old and 
per person
              -Spectators (13 years old and over):
              $5 per person
              -Spectators (12 years old and under):
            -Please Note: 
*Everyone entering the Autocross Location will be required to sign a waiver. If you are under 18, you must have a parent/guardian with you to sign waiver. There is no wiggle room on this. 
Property owner and insurance company are requiring it.
*Must be 18 years old or older to register as a driver or as a passenger. (ID required at gate.)
*No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in a car on the course.
-Prices DO NOT include lunch.
Bring something to eat and drink! (non-alcoholic-only- this will be monitored. Save drinks for the after party.)
Google Map (restaurant search; will open in new tab/window)
-Main event / day runs are for Volvos only.
-After the main event Volvo drivers are all finished, we may sell laps (for Volvos only) to run the course for charity time dependent).
-Valid Drivers License and current car insurance 
         card (checked at gate).
-Must be 18 years old or older to register as a driver or passenger.
-Everyone entering the Autocross Location will be required to sign a waiver. If you are under 18, you must have a parent/guardian with you to sign waiver. 
-Helmets are required. PLEASE BRING A 
SNELL / ANSI APPROVED HELMET FOR EACH DRIVER AND PASSENGER. If you have any spare helmets, please bring them with you on the day of the event!
-Tech will follow basic SCCA guidelines such as 
secured battery, no hubcaps, nothing loose in the interior or trunk (cameras, tools, etc.), car in general good working condition, working seatbelts, no massive leaks, no fuel leaks, no bald tires, etc.
-Only two people per vehicle. NO rear seat passengers will be allowed.
What to Bring:
-Valid Drivers License and current car insurance card (checked at gate).
-(Correct) cash for registration/entry fees (we will have limited change and no credit / debit card readers)
-SNELL / ANSI Approved Helmet
-Your Volvo (only) in good working order
-Suncreen / shade devices (pop-up tents, hats, etc.)/folding chairs, etc.
-Food / Drink (non-alcoholic-- this will be monitored. Save drinks for the after party.)
Tips for a Successful Day/Event:
-Go over your car prior to arriving (all lug nuts - no hub caps - secured battery - no bald tires - no loose items in cabin and trunk - useable helmet - no major fluid leaks - no modifications that would damage the facility - etc...), 
-Have correct cash (we only will have so much change available and no credit / debit card readers), 
-Volunteer as much as possible, 
-Please no pets, 
                      no alcohol, 
                      no loud sound systems, 
-Respectable driving to and from the facility, 
-Clean up after yourself, etc. 
What to Expect:
-We are planning on 4 runs per group, with a group of beginners and a group of experienced drivers. 
-If time allows we may choose to offer addition runs with donations towards charity, but this is time- dependent. 
-Food will not be provided. 
-Volunteers may be needed to run the course while the other group is out. 
-All runs will be timed with the option of the worst run to not be counted on your overall average.
-Awards will be given for top 3 plus 1 or 2 special 
         awards as appropriate.
-We need numerous volunteers to make this work. Cone retrieval experts especially needed as well as event set-up (April 26 evening) and take down (right after the event ends).
-The event is based on giving all proceeds to charity.
Auto-X Rehab Party:
-Sacramento Chapter President Mark Baldwin will be running the Auto-X and hosting the rehab after at his beautiful facility just a few miles away from the Auto-X. 
-This years AutoX Rehab party will include: 
*Chassis dyno (Dynojet) offering single pulls for $25 or 4 pulls for $75  
  *JDM demolition, including an airbag deployment (hopefully), plus engine blow the proper way, followed by swings with the provided weapon of your choice (aka car smash for charity)
*The tint shop next to my shop will be open during the AutoX Rehab Party and will offer tinting for most Volvos at $110. This will include back window, rear door windows, and 2 small rear windows. Prices will be more to add front side windows or to remove old tint etc. This is a great deal as this guy really knows what he is doing. First come, first served. Let me know if you are planning on getting your sled tinted. The tint guy trying to figure out how many of his guys to keep on that evening.
*There MIGHT also be a corner-weight setup if I can get him on-board.
*Food will be available for a few bucks. Provided food will be the usual burgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. 
*If you want alcoholic drinks, you gotta bring your own and be responsible about it. 
*Car wash area / station
         -All are welcome! 
-The parking for the party will give preference to Volvo's in the parking lot, non-Volvo's on the street.

Volunteers are needed. Please e-mail Mark Baldwin, SacVCOA President, 
if you are interested in volunteering.

A Note from Mark Baldwin about the (Sacramento) Davis Autocross

Note from 2011 Event: 
I will be the event marshall and run the drivers meeting.  I have a deputy working the gate to check that participants have paid and signed waiver prior to entering the track area.  I have three independent tech inspectors already volunteering  (Peter, Jacob, and Nick from Volvo Independent).

Will need volunteers at sign in table to collect money, have waivers signed, and stamp hands, etc.  Will need timers also. 
I am splitting the drivers into two groups.  The first group will be driving while the second group works the track (flaggers, and cone pick-up).  This will switch when the first group finishes their runs. 

Note from 2012 event: 
Will be needing volunteers on the friday evening before the autoX (March 27) to set up the course, and finalize the set-up. I will also need help after the event to wrap it up so we can get the autoX rehab party going at my place. I will have a dedicated car wash area with supplies and my lift/shop will be open for any incidents that occured during the day. Do we want to take up a collection after the autoX for the BBQ, or I can front it, and put out a contribution jar. You are responsible for your own "sodas". Just drop me your info if you plan on volunteering.

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please e-mail Mark Baldwin.

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerAutoX_April13.pdf   (573k)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

Golden Gate Chapter and Sacramento Chapter:
Event Registration Form at the GGVCOA website
Online registration for the Davis 2013 Car Show & Swap Meetwill be closing Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 9 p.m. Pacific. 
However, you will still be able to register at the gate. We accept cash, check and credit card.

2013 Davis Show Poster
Event:   15th Annual Davis Car Show and Swap Meet
Where:  Central Park
              401 C Street
              Davis, CA 95616
              (Entrance gate at 3rd Street & C Street)
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Sunday, April 28, 2013
Time:    9:00A
-Pre-registration entry fee for Car Show 
participation (one parking space) =               $25.00 / vehicle 
--$5.00 in raffle ticket bonus for:
--$5.00 in raffle ticket bonus for:
   VCOA Members
-Pre-registration entry fee for Swap Meet vendors (two parking spaces) = 
$30.00 / vehicle 
--If you need to buy more than one swap meet space, e-mail
Justin Lee, the new GGVCOA President 
           -Online registration for the Davis 2013 Car 
            Show & Swap Meet will be closing 
             Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 9 p.m. Pacific. 
             However, you will still be able to register at 
             the gate. 
             We accept cash, check and credit card.

           -Registrations accepted on day of event 
             ($5 in raffle ticket bonus for VCOA members 
Notes:  -If showing your car and/or selling in the swap, 
              arrive between 7:00 - 8:30A
            -This year's car show will be a judged event 
              and have "People's Choice" voting 
              categories!  "Participation in the 
              judged car show is optional. If you don't wish to
              be judged, don't worry you can still have your 
              car on display for everyone else to admire!" 
            -This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of 
              IPD and the 30th anniversary of the VCOA!

Volunteers are needed. Please e-mail Mark Baldwin, SacVCOA President, 
if you are interested in volunteering.

Volunteers Needed: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

2013 Updated Volunteer List:

Call for Volunteers! 

This year's Show is on track to be a record-breaking one, and as the Show grows, so does the need for volunteers. We estimate that we'll need about 50 volunteers, so if you're undecided about helping out, this is the year to do it. 

Yes, it's your chance to give back to the Volvo community, and it's fun, educational, and good for you. Experience not needed, we provide training. Choose your shift— first shift people get done early and avoid the crowd for parking. See the list below, if you can help out, please let us know ASAP! 

Gate/Parking: Direct drivers to correct parking area or collect entry fees and hand out registration packets. 
  • First Shift: 7:15 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  • Second Shift: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Photographers: If you have a good quality, high-resolution digital camera, we need you to take photos of the cars and happenings at the Show. 
  • First Shift: 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  • Second Shift: 8:00 a.m. to end of show (approx. 2:30 p.m.)

Registration/Raffle: Sell raffle tickets and chapter merchandise. 
  • First Shift: 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • Second Shift: 8:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.
  • Third Shift: 10:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
  • Fourth Shift: 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Judging: Inspect and evaluate cars entered in the Show. 
  • 10:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (will end earlier if judging is completed)

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please e-mail Jon Manji and let him know the post and shift that you want. 

We appreciate the help, and it is the volunteers that keep the club moving ahead. 

Let’s make Saturday and Sunday great VCOA events!

2012 Note:

I put out a call for judges and volunteers for Davis earlier today. The Chapter's are trying hard to make this the event of the year, but in order to do so we need volunteers. If you are coming and can offer a bit of time either for the Auto-X or the Car Show and Swap Meet on Sunday we need to hear from you. The more bodies we have the less each of us have to work. Think of it as a Habitat for Humanity Volvo style. 

We want to break some records this year. The record attendance at Davis is about 125 (126 IIRC) cars. Sell out is appx 150 cars. Bring em out and lets have to close the gate to entries. Several sponsors have already committed with lots in store. We also have a Volvo North America Regional Market Manager interested in getting involved, but we need to show him that we can put together a event worthy of their participation. In order to do this we need Volvo owners to come out in force!

Bring it!

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerDavis_April13.pdf   (2203k) updated volunteer list
SacVCOAFlyerDavisVolunteers_April13.pdf   (247k) updated Volunteer list
Event Flyer (as forum post) 

Complete photos/videos coming soon (I still need to process the photos/videos as well as find a good home for them)...

2013 Davis Meet Weekend- A Landmark Year (As seen on pages 12-16 in July/August 2013 Rolling, Vol. 31, No. 4)
Text by: Elizabeth Brown
Photos submitted by: Mark Baldwin, Elizabeth Brown, Colin Clark, Justin Fivella, Howard Haefner, Aaron Mowbray, Michael Peterson

Three landmark anniversaries coincided for this year’s Davis Meet: the Car Show and Swap Meet celebrated its 15th year, VCOA its 30th year, and ipd, a long time show sponsor, its 50th year.

The April 27-28th weekend was warmer than usual for California’s Central Valley. The heat was not unwelcome, however, as it provided better traction for the autocross drivers on Saturday and there was ample shade under the park pavilion and trees on Sunday.

The Davis Meet Weekend traces its origins back to 1999 when the newly formed North Bay Chapter, now Golden Gate Chapter (GGVCOA), needed to find a new venue for their annual spring meet after their previous location, the Nut Tree restaurant in Vacaville, CA closed its doors in the late 1990s. Michael Peterson, a Davis resident and longtime VCOA member, suggested Davis Central Park as an ideal spot to host the event due to its location and facilities.

The City of Davis is located 75 miles northeast of San Francisco and 15 miles west of Sacramento and has a small college town feel that is Volvo-community-friendly as many Volvo owners live and work there. Davis Central Park, home to the award winning Farmer’s Market, is located in downtown Davis, near the University of CA campus, where the thriving restaurant scene and business district are within walking distance on pedestrian friendly, tree lined streets.

The park has so many amenities that the North Bay Planning Committee immediately recognized its value and it has been serving us well ever since: A permanent metal pavilion that provides cool shade on sunny days and shelter on rainy days, lots of paved areas for parking, a play structure for the children, a fountain area with benches to relax on, a large grass area to utilize, many trees for shade, and perhaps most important of all, permanent bathrooms.

As the event has grown, the Davis Parks Department has allowed us, starting in 2003, to close down the street, and, this year, to park on the grass in addition to the paved areas. Over the years, we have been able to grow into the park and the park has always met our needs.

The (Sacramento) Davis Autocross, while a newer addition to the Davis Meet Weekend at four years, actually traces back to 2002 when Keith Soreng, then GGVCOA treasurer, suggested adding a Thunderhill Track Day to the event. When this became too expensive, the Autocross was added in 2010 at Mark Baldwin’s suggestion. Mark is now president of the Sacramento Chapter (SacVCOA) as well as the Autocross event manager.

Mark set the charitable tone of the event from the beginning— proceeds after expenses are donated to charity. Donations have been made to the preferred charity of the person helping to secure the Autocross location. This year, the designated charity is the Rancho Cordova Police Activities League (, a youth crime prevention program which fosters relationships between youth and police officers in the community through activities and sports programs.

The Autocross Rehab Party began in 2011, as a way to relax after a day of friendly competition, fix any car-related issues, prepare for the next day’s car show, and meet everyone. Over the past two years, it has evolved to continue the charitable goals of the Autocross event by including a charity car smash and professional car-related services at discounted rates with the goal of generating more donations for the selected charity.

The SacVCOA hosted the 4th Annual Autocross on Saturday, April 27 at a new nine acre location in Rio Linda, CA, just north of Sacramento. Finding an Autocross location proved difficult this year as many locations are no longer allowing Autocross events on their properties and took every connection in SacVCOA President Mark Baldwin’s and SacVCOA member Gary Sellstrom’s address book to find a local site. Through perseverance, this location was secured and we hope to secure this site for future events as it provides opportunity for growth.

The new lot has about three to four feet of elevation change and some light poles spread far apart to work around. As a result, the final course design emphasized best time, rather than drifting, and equalized the horsepower versus handling equation by including a lot of connected curves of various length, direction, and radii as well as a slalom to challenge the driver’s skill while keeping things safe.

Sixteen drivers, ranging from novice to expert, competed in two groups, driving Volvos ranging from 240s to a C30. To achieve the best time of the day, the drivers were allowed eight one-lap runs going through the course—four runs in the morning going through the course from start to finish; the direction was reversed for the four runs in the afternoon.

Afterwards, everyone caravanned to Mark Baldwin’s beautiful facility, just a few miles away, where he hosted the 3rd Annual Autocross Rehab Party. This year’s Rehab party included a portable chassis dyno, window tinting, car wash area, available equipment to assist with any repairs or mishaps from the day, music, catered BBQ dinner, a Disney Pixar “Cars” themed cake, and a Kia, donated by Jessica and Mike Arce, owners of Fast Response Towing in Rancho Cordova, for the engine blow, attempted airbag deployment (unsuccessful), and car smash charity fundraiser that also benefited the Rancho Cordova Police Activities League.

On Sunday, April 28, the GGVCOA and SacVCOA co-hosted the highly anticipated 15th Annual Davis Car Show and Swap Meet— an event that exceeded expectations and broke all previous records. When the count was taken late in the day, there were 156 cars inside the park and 50 cars outside the park. The number of sponsors, contributions, and swap meet participants also exceeded past years. The energy behind all this comes from the vision of Justin Lee, the new GGVCOA President the guiding hand of event manager/SacVCOA Planning Committee member Jon Manji, and the inter-chapter team of GGVCOA/SacVCOA Planning Committee members, members, and volunteers.

Over the years, the show has grown from a local get-together to a premier event drawing people from all over the West Coast, Nevada, and Arizona, with this year’s longest distance traveled nominees being from Idaho and Pennsylvania. As the show has grown, it has retained its small town charm as old friends catch up and new friends are made over a shared interest in Volvos. Whether you come to share restoration or modification progress, seek part resources, or just “talk Volvo,” whatever your needs, you are likely to find the answers you seek at the Davis Car Show and Swap Meet. As an added bonus, the Park was double booked with the Davis Flea Market and Music on the Green again this year, further increasing the community feel and interaction of the Davis, student, and Volvo communities.

Doubling the venue size by allowing parking on the grass has two additional benefits: it allows different set-up arrangements and the natural surface helps keep the cars and people cool on warm days. Sponsors and swap-vendors lined both sides of the street for a block. Cars filled the paved areas under the pavilions, the fountain area, in front of the stage, and the new grass area. In fact, Volvos filled all areas of the park and surrounding city streets.

The Car Show and Swap Meet had a number of things to draw ones attention. Some of the Car Show highlights included:
-Volvo 2013 V60 D3 (diesel), brought by Volvo Cars North America
-K-Pax Racing 2013 Special Edition Volvos: C30 GT, C70 Insignia (with K-PAX Racing Handling Package), S60 GT6, and S60 GT5
-2013 C30 Polestar Limited Edition (only 250 made for US market), brought by Turner Volvo
-Elevate’s 2008 C30 T5 Project Car
-Ipd’s 2004 V70R flash green Project Car
-Don Sweetman’s modified 2003 S60 with entertainment system in the trunk
-Howard Haefner’s 1973 1800ES with teardrop trailer
-Lars Jansson’s rare 1957 Volvo Sport P1900, serial number 66 (of 67 produced)

In addition to the car show awards, special recognition and thank you for service awards were presented to three long time GGVCOA/SacVCOA members:
-Michael Peterson was recognized as the Davis Car Show Event Founder and for his service as event liaison with the City of Davis City Parks.
-Jon Manji was recognized for serving as the Davis Car Show Event Manager.
-Jeff Molander was recognized for his leadership as Sac Volvo Club as President from 2008-2010.

This year, the sponsors supported the show in a number of ways: from sponsoring People’s Choice Award categories, to contributing raffle prizes and swag gifts, and bringing display cars and/or setting up display booths at the show, it was a great way for the Volvo enthusiast community to see their latest offerings and meet the people behind these companies.

The show’s three Platinum Level Partners, Elevate, ipd, and Polestar, donated some of the most anticipated raffle items:
-Elevate, a performance and style parts manufacturer for Volvos, sponsored two People’s Choice award categories, brought their 2008 C30 T5 project car, and donated a number of raffle and swag items, the most looked forward to item being a silver performance air inlet manifold designed for T5 engines, valued at $695.
-Ipd, a Volvo parts and accessories specialist, sponsored three awards, set up a booth and displayed their 2004 V70R project car at the show, as well as donated a number of raffle and swag items, the most talked about items being the engine electronic control unit (ECU) flash tune upgrade valued at $695 and the sway bar kit valued at over $300.
-Polestar, official Volvo racing and performance partner since 1996, donated a Volvo Cars North America approved Polestar tune available for a number of new and late model Volvos, valued at over $1,000. All three local Volvo dealerships: Turner, Carlsen, and Lawrence, offered for the winner to be able to install the tune for free.

The sponsor’s support for the show was amazing, unprecedented, and record-breaking. All told, the Davis Car Show and Swap Meet was able to give away nearly $10,000 in raffle prizes and swag thanks to the generous support of the sponsors.

To honor ipd’s 50 year commitment to the Volvo enthusiast community as well as for their early support of the Davis Car Show and Swap Meet event, a flash mob was organized to sing “Happy Birthday” to ipd. Following this, Justin Lee presented Chris Delano, ipd’s Project Manager, with a plaque and a cake. Chris responded by stating that this was “hands down the best Davis they have ever been to.”

Thank you to the numerous sponsors and volunteers who helped staff and support the Autocross and Car Show as well as to everyone who attended this year’s event and made it such a great weekend!

The 2014 Davis Meet is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 6, 2014. The Autocross date will be confirmed once the venue has been chosen.

Davis Car Show and Swap Meet Platinum Level Partners:

Davis Car Show and Swap Meet Sponsors and Raffle Contributors:
GROM Audio
K-PAX Racing
iRoll Motors
CRO Import Auto Service
ARD Tuning
Turner Volvo
Berkeley Bob’s
EuroSport Tuning
Lawrence Volvo
Viva Performance
Ackerman’s Servicing Volvos, Inc.
Carlsen Volvo
Volvo Cars North America

Davis Car Show and Swap Meet Media Partner:
European Car Magazine
An article about the Davis Meet Weekend will be published to the European Car Website ( and European Car Magazine:

For more event coverage: (2013 Past Event Page: Photos, videos, complete list of award winners)

Save the date: Next year’s Autocross will be on Saturday, April 5th and the Davis Car Show and Swap Meet will be on Sunday, April 6, 2014. 

4th Annual Sacramento (Davis) Autocross Winners:

First Place:..............................................31.55, clean
       Kyle Eisenbach       #28          1991 244   

Second Place:.........................................32.73, clean
       George Haigh           #30         1997 850R   

Third Place:.............................................34.08, clean
       Walter Donnell III      #23         1987 245   

Hard Luck:......Spun around and finished run 8 in reverse
        Steve Cyrus            #27         1983  242  

2013 Sacramento ‎(Davis)‎ Autocross Winners

The entire album and/or individual photos can be seen anytime by clicking on the link title or slideshow images.

2013 (Sacramento) Davis Auto-X Top Runs

2013 Davis Car Show Winners

The entire album and/or individual photos can be seen anytime by clicking on the link title or slideshow images.
If you have any pictures of the winning cars to add to this slideshow, please e-mail the webmaster the (direct, publicly viewable) links to your photo(s)/album and/or as e-mail attachments and note how you would like to be credited: 
Click here to e-mail the webmaster

2013 Davis Car Show Winners

2013 Auto-X-- National Anthem

The National Anthem is sung before the start of the 2013 Autocross.

2013 Sacramento (Davis) Autocross Group Photo 1

2013 Sacramento (Davis) Autocross Group Photo 2
2013 Sacramento (Davis) Autocross Group Photos. Photos by Colin Clark.
Click on photos to see original in new tab/window. Link to Colin Clark's entire event photo album can be found below.

2013 (Sacramento) Davis Auto-X Rehab Party-- Engine Blow

Engine Blow at Autocross Rehab Party.
Car donated for Charity Car Smash.

Pictures and Videos from Autocross/Davis 2013:

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Official 2013 Davis Auto-X Pics/Vids Thread (started by 1983_242):
Auto-X GoPro Video
Davis Photos: link to post / direct link to photos in Photobucket
Davis photo

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2013 (Sacramento) Davis Autocross YouTube Video List Spreadsheet:
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2013 ‎‎(Sacramento)‎‎ Davis Autocross YouTube List

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May 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:
RSI Facebook:
Event:    SacVCOA Caravan to Portland, OR for RSI BBQ & 
               IPD Garage Sale & Swap Meet (50 years of IPD)
Where:  Sacramento Caravan Meeting Location:
Mark's Shop
              Contact Mark Baldwin, President to RSVP and 
              for for directions
              Event Locations:
              8912 NE Vancouver Way
              Portland, OR 97211
             11744 NE Ainsworth Circle
              Portland, OR 97220
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Friday, May 17 - Sunday, May 19, 2013
Time:    Sacramento Caravan:
             RSI BBQ:
             Friday, May 17, 2013, 6:00P
             Saturday, May 18, 2013
                -Sale Counter: 10:00A - 1:00P
                -Swap Meet: 9:00A - 3:00P
                -Car Show: 9:00A - 3:00P
                   -Show & Shine: 9:00A - 3:00P
                    ($5 donation at the gate)
                Sunday, May 19, 2013
                -Tech Talk- Tuning with Marco from MTE
                -Cruise to the Oregon Coast
-IPD has limited space for show cars (but plenty 
               of parking for attendees), so if you would like to 
               apply to have your Volvo featured in the show, 
               contact Cameron at IPD. 
               50 Volvos representing 50 years
             -Possibility of Drag Racing at Portland 
              International Raceway (map) after IPD on 
              Saturday, May 18, 2013.
             --Admission: $9, $28 to race (includes driver 
             --Hours: 5:30 p.m. until midnight 
             --Sound limits: 103 db until 10 p.m., 
                                    then 90 db limit until closing. 
                --Related Turbobricks topic:

ipd Volvo - Garage Sale 2013 Preview

Event Flyer:
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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June 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:
Event:   6th Annual Swedish Day at IKEA
Where:  IKEA
              700 IKEA Court
              West Sacramento, CA 95605
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, June 29, 2013
Time:    10:00A
             Lunch Time: ~12:30P - 1:30P (but, feel free to 
              enjoy lunch whenever you wish)
             Planning Meeting Time: During or shortly after 
             Conference Room is reserved until 3:30P.
Notes:   -All Volvos and Saabs welcome! 
             -Sac Volvo Club Meeting after lunch (time TBD)
             -Event is free, except you must cover the cost of 
               your own lunch:

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerIKEA_June13.pdf   (444k)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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Sacramento Chapter: or
Event:   Shriner's Capital Concours d'Elegance
Where: On the Capital Mall, Sacramento, CA
Date:    Re-scheduled for June 8, 2014
Notes:  This is an important charity event in our area
             and an opportunity to see some amazing 
Event Flyer:

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July 2013:

Golden Gate and Sacramento Chapter:
Event:   Mt. Diablo: First Conquer the Devil Drive
Where: Meeting Location:
              Ygnacio Plaza Shopping Center
              1835 Ignacio Valley Rd.
              Walnut Creek, CA 94598
              Meet behind the Ygnacio Plaza Shopping 
              Center Sign

                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, July 13, 2013
Time:    9:30A
Notes:  -A fun drive (not high speed) to the top of 
              Mt. Diablo (One of the two best vistas in the 
              world according to the Discovery Channel). 

             -The drive will take about an hour with stops for 
              vistas (one on the way up and one on the way 
             -Lunch will be around 12noon (you need to bring 
              your own).
             -Take the scenic route home:
CBS 13 Getaway Guru: One Tank Trip to Mt. Diablo
Things to Bring:
            -$10 State Park Entrance Fee (collected at the 
            -Lunch / Picnic / Drinks 
             (no alcohol allowed in park)
            -Plenty of water for you and your Volvo
             (just in case of overheating)
Questions or RSVP with Helen and Gary Lodge.

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerMtDiablo_July13.pdf   (450k)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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August 2013:

Golden Gate Chapter and Sacramento Chapter:
Event:   Carlsen Volvo Car Show
Where:  Sacramento Caravan Meeting Location:
              Chevron Gas Station
              4800 W Capital Ave.
              West Sacramento,CA 95691

              Event Location:
             4180 El Camino Real
             Palo Alto, CA 94306
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, August 3, 2013
Notes:  Canceled

Event Flyer:
Event Flyer (as web page)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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September 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:
Event:   Suzie Burger Diner Lunch
Where:  Suzie Burger
              2820 P Street
             (Corner of 29th St. and P St.)
             Sacramento, CA 95816
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, September, 7, 2013
Time:    11:30A

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerSuzieBurger_September13.pdf   (540k)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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October 2013:

National Meet:

VCOA 30th Anniversary
October 4, 5, 6, 2013
Vermont, USA 
Hosted by the ____ Chapter of the VCOA

Event Flyer:
Event Flyer (as forum post)

Golden Gate Chapter
 and Sacramento Chapter:
Event Registration Form at the GGVCOA website
Event:   Car Show at CJ's Shop in Alameda
Where: Perforce Software Grass Parking Lot
              2318 Clement Ave.
              Alameda, CA 94501
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, October 12, 2013
Time:    9:00A - 4:00P 
             "Come out enjoy the festivities, 10:30am and 
              1:30pm walk down Park Street to view the pre-
              1975 muscle cars, BBQ and picnic eats from 
              11:30, cake around 4:00."
Notes:  Park Street Car Show is the same day (400+
             cars within walking distance). There will be 
             two walking tours through the show.
            "This event is a social and automotive historial 
            gather you won't want to miss!"
             "This year is cj's 50th birthday celebration. This is
              a leisurely event with no awards. Just show up, 
             share your car, enjoy the food and good 

Event Flyer:
Event Flyer (as web page)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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November 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:

Event:   Fall Foothill Drive
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:    Saturday, November 16, 2013
Time:    9:00A
Notes:  Canceled            

Event Flyer:
Event Flyer (as web page)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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December 2013:

Sacramento Chapter:

Event:   End of the Year Holiday Party & Toy Drive
Where:  Ginger's Restaurant
               1410 East Roseville Parkway
               Roseville, CA 95661
              Google Map (will open in new tab/window)
Date:     Thursday, December 19, 2013      Canceled
Time:    7:30P
Notes:  -Bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the 
              UCDMC Children's Hospital / Child Life 
             -Free guitar music will be featured at the 
             -Ginger's is near some Roseville landmark 
              shopping centers:
              Fountains, Westfield Galleria, Automall
              (if you are not yet done with your holiday 
            -Please RSVP by 8:00PM Monday, December 
             16, 2013
             so I can reserve a table
             -RSVP to Elizabeth Brown: 
             Click here to contact Elizabeth

Event Flyer:
SacVCOAFlyerHolidayParty_December13.pdf   (587k)
Event Flyer (as web page)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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January 2014:

Sacramento Chapter

Event:   SacVCOA 2014 Planning Meeting
                Google Map (will open in new tab/window)

Event Flyer:
Event Flyer (as web page)
Event Flyer (as forum post)

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