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17th Annual Davis Meet Weekend, Sacramento & Davis, CA

Saturday, April 11, 2015 - Sunday, April 12, 2015    Rain or shine! 

Saturday Davis Meet Weekend Events

Preview of the download-able version of the event flyer

Event Flyer Download Link:
SacVCOAFlyerNiello-K1Speed-Party_April15-Final.pdf   (459k)
Event Flyer Includes:
-Page One
-Event Information and Notes (Overview)
-Page Two
-Niello Volvo & Scenic Drive / Lunch Notes
-Page Three
-K1 Speed Electric Kart Notes
-Page Four
-Pre-Davis BBQ Party Notes
-Page Five
-Screenshot and Link to Google Map

Alternate Event Information links:

    -Sac Volvo Club Events Page

    -Sac Volvo Club Forum

    -Sac Volvo Club Twitter

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Saturday Davis Meet Weekend

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Ask Questions or RSVP Via Contacting:

Elizabeth Brown, SacVCOA Planning Committee

Click here to e-mail Elizabeth

Or, you can fill out this form below without leaving this website (a confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address you enter in the form).

Contact EMailer Version4

Or, complete the Sac Volvo Club Event Registration Form. 
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Interactive Event Location Map

 Zoom and click-n-drag as needed. To see in a new tab or window, click the link below.

2015 Saturday Davis Meet Weekend Events

View Larger Map (in a new tab or window)
View Map Version 2 (in a new tab or window)

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Driving Direction Gadgets

Driving Directions (Google Maps):
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Driving Directions

Note: The gadget below is pre-set with the event address and opens in this window with a map and driving directions, but it does not have a scrolling feature, so click "View Larger Map" (after entering your starting location) to open the map and directions in a new tab or window.

Directions by Google Maps

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Local Weather

Note: The clicking on the gadgets / gadget links will open 
the weather websites inside the gadget and are hard to read.

Sacramento Quick Weather Forecast

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 Sacramento Weather at Wunderground

Sacramento Extended Weather Forecast

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Sacramento Weather at Accuweather

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    -Contact Us   --or--
    -Fill out our Event Registration form

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Help us spread the word about this event, our club, and this web site!

Print out these information cards, cut them out (eight are on a page), and store them some place handy (like your glovebox).
Whenever you meet another Volvo owner or spot a Volvo in a parking lot, give them a card (the back was left blank so you could write a note and/or list the next event).

Black and White Version: B&W Sac Volvo Club Paper Information Cards.pdf
Color Version: Color Sac Volvo Club Paper Information Cards.pdf

Sac Volvo Club Paper Info Cards Preview (WD)

Note: The e-mail address was edited out for this preview. 
The PDF download versions contain un-edited information.

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