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Movies Featuring Volvos:
Wondering what to watch tonight? Check out this list (organized by model).
Missing from the list:
122S wagon in Jack Nicholson's "Five Easy Piece," 1971
122S wagon in Hugh Grant's "Four Weddings and a Funeral," 1994
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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (featuring Volvos):

Season 2, Episode 2: "I Like Kettlecorn"
Guest: David Letterman
Car: 1995 960

Season 3, Episode 5: "Feces are my Purview"
Guest: Tina Fey
Car: 1967 P1800

Volvos Made With Legos:
240: - Link no longer available
However, here is a newer 240 submission with a bit of humor in the photo captions:
A Volvo 780 by the same designer/builder:
Volvo F16 Truck in 1:13 scale:
You can also search through all the user submitted Lego content with the Volvo tag in the website search bar.
Homepage link:

2004 XC90:
More pictures (can also be downloaded as desktop wallpaper):

Feel inspired to make your own Volvo Lego creation?
Download the Lego Digital Designer for your computer:
Updated link:
If you would like your creation featured here, please let us know: 
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Papercraft Model Volvos:
Various Volvo scale-models ready to be printed, cut, and pasted (zip and jpg files).

  Larger Scale Volvo Papercraft Models
From Japan Volvo:
Papercraft link no longer available on website

PDF downloads:

PDFcompact_S40_red.pdf  (45k)
PDFcompact_s60-red.pdf  ( 374k)
PDFcompact_s80-blue.pdf  (389k)
PDFcompact_V50-lightblue.pdf  (59k)
PDFcompact_v70-red.pdf  (420k)
Other Papercraft Volvos (jpg):

Add a Papercraft Tear Drop Trailer to your Volvo:
You can personalize the colors before printing out.

Papercraft Volvo Bus (PDF):

Papercraft models available for purchase:
Volvo FH12 Truck and C303:
2016 Note: Website temporarily down?

Very Detailed 240 Papercraft Model:
(can be purchased on ebay see website below for seller's link)
Another link with alternate ebay seller information:

Volvo Coloring Pages:
Volvo Trucks Series from Volvo Truck Nation / Volvo Trucks Kids Corner:
(Pages can be downloaded in PDF format)

Volvo Jakob Convertible Pictures (Classic and Hot Rod):
(Pages are downloaded in .gif format)

Volvo Crew Cab Globetrotter Pictures:
(Pages are downloaded in .gif format)

Volvo C30 Picture:
(Online coloring. Also available in the iTunes and Google Play Apps stores.)

Volvo Font:
Volvo Broad Font:

Download Page:
Direct Download Link (Note: you need to be a logged-in member of the Volvospeed Forum Community to download this font from this link):

Reference Forum Link (download / usage tips, and alternate download link):
Alternate download link from above forum link:

Download it to your "Fonts" folder
And, make sure your "Caps Lock" is on when typing with it

Volvo Wallpaper:
Volvo Desktop Wallpaper:
Add a little Volvo to your computer monitor
Website's main language is Polish ("Tapety"  = Wallpaper) -- Website taken down

2014 V60 Hybrid Wallpaper:
Under the gallery drop down, select photos, then choose the picture you want, and select Download Wallpaper:

Volvo Club UK Wallpaper:

Volvo Ocean Race Photos & Images:

Volvo Trucks Global Wallpaper:

K-PAX Racing Wallpaper:
2010-2011 & 2012-2013 Seasons
Volvo (Free) Online Games: 
Volvo Ocean Race Game 2017-2018
Looking forward to the next Volvo Ocean Race Game?

Volvo Ocean Race Game Website(s): 
Direct link to 2014-2015 game: 
Direct link to 2014-2015 game:


Official Volvo Ocean Race website:

Volvo FH16 700:

To play in a new tab or window:
Strongest Truck, Version Three: "New Third Level"
Note: The links to Versions One and Two are not currently working. I will re-upload them if they start working again.

Volvo Transporters:
By The Volvo Group
Also available for download through the iTunes and Google Play App Stores
Can play in a web browser here:

Volvo Transporters Game Trailer

Volvo-Related (Free) Online Games:
A Tribute to Volvo: The Hunt:

Volvo- Test Your Knowledge: -- Link changed
Can search for games with a Volvo tag in the homepage search box.

Crash Dummy Olympics

Old / Archived Volvo (Free) Online Games:

Volvo Ocean Race Game 2014-2015
Game Starts October 4, 2014
Looking forward to the next Volvo Ocean Race Game?
Sign up for e-mails and beta tests as well as keep track of all the latest here: 

Volvo Ocean Race Game Website(s): 
Direct link to 2014-2015 game: 
Direct link to 2014-2015 game:



Official Volvo Ocean Race website:

Volvo Ocean Race Game 2011-2012
Looking forward to the next Volvo Ocean Race Game?
Sign up for e-mails and beta tests as well as keep track of all the latest here:
Official Volvo Ocean Race website:
Volvo Ocean Race Website:

Time Lapse Volvo Ocean Race Game 2011/2012

DRIVe Around The World 2009 - 2010
"How Well-Connected Are You?
Is your network of Facebook friends global enough to get you around the world in 80 days?
Play DRIVe Around The World, Volvos great new game on Facebook and find out how well-connected you really are.

All you have to do is virtually drive your C30 to a Facebook friend who lives as close to 1,333 km (825 miles) away as possible; that's the distance the thrifty C30 DRIVe makes on just one tank of fuel. Then the car is passed on from friend to friend, moving from country to country, until it makes its way around the world back to you. But how many friends will you need?"

Volvo C30 Virtual Drive Around the World

"The various teams' routes round the world can be followed on Volvo's Facebook page. The winning team's reward will be in the form of a donation of 15,000 Euros to a carbon offset project through the organisation myclimate for the purpose of reducing global warming. Myclimate works according to the Gold Standard, which is certified by the U.N. and has been formulated by, among others, WWF International and Greenpeace International. The donation is enough to neutralise the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the average person during a long lifetime.

For each additional driver Volvo Cars will contribute funds that are the equivalent of 99 grams of carbon dioxide, which is the level of a Volvo C30 DRIVe's emissions per kilometre.

"This challenge ties in with Volvo's new campaign ‘There's More To Life Than A Volvo, that's why you drive one.' by highlighting how vital our personal connections are in making the world a better place. And when the competition is finally concluded, Volvo will have found in the winning team the world's arguably most well-connected people," says Lukas Dohle.

(Contest: Begins November 16, 2009 and ends February 5, 2010)

Volvo DRIVe Around the World Case Study

Volvo The Game by SimBin:
(Released 2009, no longer available for direct download from these listed Volvo sources)
A free game for your PC!
Available now at
(Game minimum and recommended requirements can be found at the above links.)

Direct link to download game:

Volvo The Game: Now Released!

News Release Link:

Volvo The Game by SimBin-First Footage Released

Volvo The Game, Second Preview

Volvo Ocean Race Game 2008-2009

To sign-up and play the game:
Volvo Ocean Race Home Page:

Volvo Ocean Race Rush:

Volvo Ocean Race- About RUSH Campaign

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