Meet Missy

My love for Volvos
Missy Puckett

At the age of fourteen, I noticed my very first Volvo 240 in Santa Cruz. It was easily love at first sight. From that moment, I knew I needed a Volvo in my life. By the time I was seventeen, my mom and grandpa bought me my first 244. I named him Louie. He was dirty and grungy but I didn’t care! I drove that bad boy everywhere! My obsession developed at an increasing rate. Next thing you know, I’m secretly bidding on another 244 on eBay! My mom was so upset with me. I ended up using financial aid money to purchase this 89’ beauty! I drove up to Portola Valley and picked up my new car from the original owners. The couple I purchased it from were very sweet. So sweet that they paid for my registration. They named the car Casper. I kept the name and every Halloween I send that couple a ghost card.

About a year down the road, I had my eye on a 122 Amazon. I’ve always been fascinated with vintage cars. The shape of the amazon was so beautiful to me. The headlights looked alive and it just looked like a killer car to own. I just had to have it. I found a decent mint green Amazon for sale in Davis for $6,000. My grandpa was all for it. I drove down to Davis to check out the ride and I had no idea what to expect. It was a stick shift and I never drove a stick before. Somehow we managed to have the price lowered to $4,000. My grandpa purchased this car for me and I’m really grateful he did. I taught myself how to drive stick in that 66’.

The last Volvo I purchased was a 1974 144. Sadly, it doesn’t run, but I will eventually put in the time to have it running again. I’m not mechanical but would love to learn to save money from shops. This was the most stressful car purchase. This 74’ came from an Oregon Alpaca Farm. The whole payment and shipping situation was crazy. Never will I purchase a car from out of state again.

For only being 20, you can say that I’m crazy for owning this many Volvos. My love for them will never deteriorate. There’s so much I know and so little that I know. I hope to learn and benefit from my community and Volvo family. Volvo for life.

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