Meet Walter

I worked on my first Volvo, my dad's 1958 444 Sport, at the age of 6 (dad's helper).
From that point I knew Volvos were going to be a part of my life.

After owning a lot of 60's Fords, I started getting board-- I needed something different.
So, I thought back to my childhood and remembered how much fun I had with helping my dad with his '58 444 Sport and how safe that old car was hydro planing on the freeway in a down pour spinning like a top coming to a rest with everybody safe onto the shoulder, what a ride.

After owning my first Volvo, a '87 245, I was on my own with not much knowledge about Volvos until I meet Mark Baldwin, Sac Volvo Club Past President/Planning Committee Member and Gary Sellstrom, Sac Volvo Club Member, after that I had hope.
I joined the VCOA shortly after that and went to a couple of events and meets and realized that this was the best community a car guy could be in.

I now own a 1978 262, a 1974 142, a 1987 245 and the 1958 444 is still around with the 780 which my wife owns.