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Following up with the Changes Progress & Call for Volunteers e-mail and website announcement sent on Monday, January, 23, 2017:

This e-mail contains the following topics:

Sac Volvo Club Websites: New Google Sites Announcement

Original Announcement:

On November 9, 2016, Google announced that the New Google Sites is available to everyone and discussed a migration timeline:

Copy and paste from above link RE: Classic to New Google Sites migration:

Please note:
  • In 2017, we’ll provide and recommend options to migrate your sites from the classic Sites to the new Sites.
  • Beginning in 2018, we’ll send a timeline and instructions regarding the gradual process to shut down the classic Sites. The specific date for the shutdown of the classic Sites has yet to be set, but we’ll inform you at least one year in advance of that shutdown.

On May 2, 2017, Google announced an update to the Classic Google Sites to New Google Sites Migration:

Migration tools In Q4 2017, we’ll launch features in the classic Sites that will help site owners migrate their content to the new Sites. In 2018, we’ll provide tools that will enable G Suite admins to effectively manage the migration process. Stay tuned for more details on these features and tools later this year. 

Deprecation timeline
 We plan to take your feedback on these migration tools into account when scheduling the deprecation and shutdown of the classic Sites. With that mind, we’ll only announce a firm timeline after the migration process is underway for many customers. A few things to note:
  • Once announced, the deprecation schedule will include at least one year of unchanged operation followed by three months of read-only operation. Migration will be possible throughout, including during the read-only phase.
  • When the read-only phase ends, all unmigrated sites will be preserved as a takeout archive.
  • Before deprecating the classic Sites, we’ll ensure that the new Sites includes several features necessary for team sites, portals, knowledge bases, and intranets. These will include at least the following:
    • Search a site
    • Restrict access to published sites
    • More granular access to different sections of sites
    • Embed URLs and code in sites
    • Notifications of site updates
    • Create larger sites, including deeper hierarchy
    • Corporate themes
    • More text formatting options
    • Custom web addresses
    • API capabilities

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