Sac Volvo Club Joins Twitter

posted May 31, 2009, 2:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 1:44 AM ]
This website is updated frequently with minor changes:
-As we plan events, we update the website.
-As events pass, we update the website.
-As we explore the web, we inevitably find some new and interesting things we would like to share and we update the website again.

The question becomes: How do we best spread the word about these updates?

We have a News & Announcements page, but this seems more fitting to bigger / more global updates-- that is, headline-type changes.
Where should the minor updates (i.e., filler stories) be posted?

Twitter fits the bill perfectly!
Not only is it designed to limit the length of a post, but it also provides a single place to easily view all the updates when something of interest is happening with the Sac Volvo Club.
If you are also on Twitter, this also has the added benefit of making our website even more interactive!

There are times when you can never seem to find enough information and there are times when you only want the basics.

To provide the Sac Volvo Club basics in succinct 140 character posts, look to our new Twitter account for the latest club updates, event announcements, website updates, and fun / interesting Volvo highlights:

We'll still use this News & Announcements page, but reserve it for the "headline" stories and use the Twitter badge to display our Twitter updates on this site, so you can now visit this page as a one-stop-information-shop!

If you have any thoughts about this or other suggestions for us to explore, please let us know:
Sac Volvo Club Forum --or--
Contact Us

Enjoy (and happy Tweeting)!

Sac Volvo Club Twitter Timeline

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