Sac Volvo Club Photo Hosting Changes Coming and Slideshow Tests

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Sac Volvo Club Photo Hosting Changes Coming

On February 12, 2016, Google announced it was closing Picasa Web Albums to focus on Google Photos.
Changes will start rolling out on May 1, 2016.

Official Google Announcement:
Google Moving on From Picasa Web Albums

What does this mean for Sac Volvo Club Photos?

  • Google is creating an archive for Picasa Web Album data, so links to photos, photo albums, and slideshows should all still work during and after the transition.
  • Sac Volvo Club photos that were uploaded to Picasa Web Albums are currently also visible at Google Photos (one photo host, two different photo interfaces).
  • In case of any issues during or after the transition period, the Sac Volvo Club created an archive and back-up of the photos currently uploaded to Picasa Web Albums as well as the website.
  • There are a number of questions that remain unanswered at this time, and the Sac Volvo Club will continue to monitor this transition closely…

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What about the Sac Volvo Club Website / Slideshows?

  • Google is also phasing out flash support, which means the current embedded slideshows will no longer function:
  • Google Photos currently does not have the ability to create and embed slideshows, so this feature may be missing from the website for a while (if we chose to stick with Google Photos).
  • The Sac Volvo Club has been investigating slideshow alternatives that are easy to create, work across multiple platforms, can be embedded in Google Sites, and (preferably) allow for “unlisted” sharing.
    • These tests can be seen below.
    • If you are aware of any other alternatives, please let us know in the Comment / Feedback Form below.

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SacVCOA Slideshow Tests

Test Purpose:
-Check visibility / usability across platforms / screen sizes.
-See if photos / slideshows appear in search results.

Test 1: Slideshow as PDF

As created, it should open to a slideshow in Adobe Reader.
However, it only shows as a PDF when embedded in the website.
If you choose to download and view, please let me know if the slideshow function works.

PDF public / hosted on the website.


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Test 2: Slideshow as Unlisted YouTube Video Slideshow

Photos uploaded to YouTube to create Slideshow are also added to Google Photos.
Upload defaults are different than channel defaults.
Slideshow automatic default is "Public" had to change to "Unlisted" after creating / during processing.
Will need to create new slideshow if need to add / remove photos at a later date.

SacVCOA Slideshow Test 2: Country Drive

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Test 3: Slideshow as Google Slides Presentation (Direct Embed)

Presentation is published / public.


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Test 4: Slideshow as Google Slides Presentation (Slider Gadget Embed)

Presentation is published / public.


The gadget spec URL could not be found

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Test 5: Google Photos Collection Direct Embed

Album link is unlisted.
Embed link still shows Picasa Web Album slideshow, not Google Photos album.
Caption entered as "Information --> Description."
Google Photos: storage > photo management.


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Test 6: Google Photos Collection Embed via RSS Gadget

No Test To Display
Currently unable to generate RSS feed from Google Photos Collection / Album.

And, gadget using Picasa Web Album RSS Feed could not generate feed (gadget did not work).
Note that this gadget has worked on and off over the years, so the future of RSS and Google Photos is unknown.

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Test 7: Google Drive Folder "Image Gallery" Direct Embed

Folder link is unlisted.
Photos uploaded to Google Drive count against storage-- will eventually need to pay for storage upgrades if use this method:


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Also investigated:

-Flickr / Photobucket (and related)
-Shutterfly Share Sites
-WowSlider / Galleria (and related)

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SacVCOA Slideshow Test Feedback Form:

SacVCOA Slideshow Test Feedback Form

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