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The Sacramento Chapter also has a forum sections at the following forums:
VCOA Forums
VCOA Shield
Pacific Coast Section: 
(This is where we post our event information and where you can interact with Pacific Coast VCOA Members)

Forum Topic: Forum is now Open Membership:

Swedespeed Forums
The (previous) official forums of the VCOA
(This is where you can discuss anything related to the Sac Volvo Club or the Sacramento area with Swedespeed members)

There is also a Northern California section of the Swedespeed forums:
(This is where we post our event information and where you can interact with all Northern CA Swedespeed members)

Registration is required to post, but it is free (membership in the VCOA is not required to register/participate).
Here is the link to the registration page:
Hope to see you there!

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More Volvo Community Forum links are available on our Volvo Forum Links page.

Additional model-specific Volvo Community Forums/Sub-forums and Links are listed under the Model-Specific section of our Technical & Model-Specific Resources page.
Use the table of contents and jump links to more quickly navigate to your particular Volvo model of interest.

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Sac Volvo Club's Forum:

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