Volvo Selling Guide

The Sac Volvo Club Planning Committee has been getting a number of e-mails from individuals asking for help selling their Volvos and/or parts.

Important Note:

The Sac Volvo Club does not post cars nor parts for sale / wanted ads to the mailing list.

However, you are more than welcome to post your own for sale or wanted ads in the Sac Volvo Club Forum as can be found here (all the forum links will open in a new tab or window).:

Sac Volvo Club Forum

The Classifieds/Marketplace section is at the bottom of the forum list.

Registration is required.

To help everyone out, we will be adding to this Volvo Selling Guide over the next couple of months (as time allows).

In the meantime, a lot of helpful resources can already be found throughout this website to help you sell your Volvo.
Here is a quick list:

>>How much is my car worth?

For help determining how much your car is worth and/or what you should set as the price in your ad, take a look at the resources listed in the Used Volvos section of the Volvo Buying Guide here:

If, after looking through related ads, you are still unsure how much your car is worth, another suggestion would be to find a reputable local independent Volvo shop in your area as they can often give you an estimate of worth and you may also need to establish a relationship with them as a potential buyer may request a pre-purchase inspection of your car.
If you live in the Sacramento Area, a list and map of these shops can be found here:
If you are outside the Sacramento area and need help finding a reputable local independent Volvo Shop, check out the VCOA Chapters by State List to find another VCOA Chapter near you:
VCOA main website (if above link does not work):

>>Where should I list my car for sale?

For places to list your car for sale, see:

-The Volvo Buying Guide Used Volvos section for links to local newspapers, craigslist sections, online classifieds, etc.:

-The Volvo Forum Links page for a list of links to the various Volvo-related forum websites on-line. Most have a classifieds section where you can list your car for sale (Registration is required for all the forum sites and requires a valid e-mail address):

Make sure to read the Volvo forum descriptions so you know which website is most appropriate for you car model.

If you are still not sure which forum is the best for your car, navigate to the Technical & Model-Specific Resource page, select RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) or FWD (Front Wheel Drive), and then your model to see which forums have sections for your particular model:

For the widest audience, we would recommend that you list your car for sale at the Swedespeed forum as it is the official forum of the Volvo Club of America and has active forum sections for all of the various Volvo models.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know:
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